Covid-19 Statement

In these uncertain times, it’s important to establish working conditions that are as safe as possible for everyone involved. That’s why we’re following BC CDC’s and WorkSafeBC’s guidance and best practices for continuing work.

What Can Be Photographed?

As long as the local construction industry is permitted to continue work onsite, Tony Colangelo Photography is open for most new photography work, as follows:

  • Residential interiors. To ensure safety, I’ll be working solo while photographing residential interiors, wearing a mask full-time while onsite and sanitizing my hands frequently. If the interior space needs to be occupied during a photo shoot, special provisions will be taken to ensure safety, as detailed below.
  • Exteriors/landscape projects. If gardens are bloom, then it’s a good time to photograph home exteriors and landscape projects. Twilight exteriors can also be photographed.
  • Commercial interiors. With fewer people in commercial and civic spaces, this is a good time to photograph such spaces.

Commitment to Safety

To ensure the safety of all involved in a photoshoot, I will:

  • Move forward with a photoshoot only if I have no symptoms of Covid-19 or have not been knowingly exposed to Covid-19 in the last 14 days
  • Inquire regarding the Covid-19 health and risk of the occupants and visitors to a property
  • Transport only the items into the property that are needed for the task
  • Sanitize my equipment prior to entering the property
  • Wear a protective face mask and leave my shoes outside the home
  • Adjust the lighting and doors only when needed; and if so, I will sanitize any light switches or knobs that were touched
  • Keep physical contact to a minimum by not arranging other household items unless absolutely required
  • Practice social distancing by keeping at least 6 feet between myself and others
  • Advocate for our own health by reserving the right to leave or suspend the appointment should any aspect be perceived by myself as unsafe, at the possible expense of the hiring party or seller/occupant
  • If time is taken for a lunch and/or breaks, this will be offsite.

Preparing Your Project For Photography

To minimize our contact with surfaces onsite, the space will need to be prepared, in advance, more carefully than might have been the case, before the pandemic. The following preparatory steps are required to ensure a smooth onsite photography experience for everyone, I would respectfully ask that you:

  • Check with the owner/persons responsible for the spaces to be photographed as to their comfort level and requirements.
  • Determine if the homeowner/tenant want to be present during photoshoot to do this, keeping in mind social distancing guidelines and if they want to be the only one(s) to move any furnishings around?
  • Ensure that the space allows for adequate social distancing, should the homeowner/tenant wish to be present during the photoshoot.
  • Verify that bathrooms will be cleaned and available to all attendees.
  • Ensure that everything is as “photo-ready” as possible (i.e., all surfaces to be cleaned prior to the shoot, especially those in the kitchen area; ensure that all lighting is in working order; and remove clutter in advance of our arrival).

Given all these variables that must now be navigated as part of the photoshoot, please understand that it’s likely that the shoot will yield fewer images. Scouting the site, in advance, will be even more useful now. We can develop a reasonable shot-list and also review protocol for client, crew, and tenant safety.

We Can Still Collaborate While Apart

If you want to be off-site but stay involved with the photography process, I’d be pleased to collaborate with you via texted photos that represent test shots/compositions of various rooms/spaces you’d like captured. If you’d like to be at the photoshoot, then it’s understood that we’ll respect social distancing guidelines and you can use your own tablet to see photos that I will share with you wirelessly.

Remaining Flexible

Circumstances are changing quickly, and we understand that things may change last-minute. If access to your location changes last-minute on account of COVID-19, we’re often able to reschedule (or change how the session works) to give you and your clients the flexibility you need. Please feel free to call or email me with questions or concerns. I want to make sure that everyone’s safe, comfortable and working together toward capturing remarkable photography!