A New Look & Feel

A few weeks ago, while caught up in a traffic jam on my drive home from a photoshoot, I started to think about how much I’d enjoyed that day’s shoot. I found myself reflecting as to why I found shooting interiors/architecture so much more satisfying than other types of photography that I’d done in my career.

After much thought, I decided that what stirs me, so much, about this work is the way my clients combine precision, thoughtfulness and creativity in each project. It quickly dawned upon me that not only do these characteristics inspire my photography, they are very important to me in my personal life, too!

This awareness made me realize that I needed to do better at making my current and prospective clients aware of how much I value those characteristics; and I thought the best place to start, was to re-invigorate the core marketing pieces within my brand: my logo and website.

My Inspiration for the New Look & Feel

For the logo, I knew that I wanted to carryover the use of my initials from my previous logo, while noting my appreciation of the precision, thoughtfulness and creativity that I see in my clients’ work. I put pen-to-paper and started doodling and, within a few minutes, the core elements of my new logo had been captured! Here is a summary of its various design elements:

As for the website, my main focus was to choose a template that bypassed fancy bells-and-whistles and, instead, simply allowed my clients’ work to be the main attraction. So, I went with a template that centred each photo on a classic white background, while ensuring that it filled most of the screen.

What You Can Expect From My Blog

I’m going to use this blog in a couple of different ways. As you might expect, the first is to provide a showcase for my favourite images from recent photoshoots. I’m also going to share why they were my favourites, with personal insights into what made the photoshoot fun or interesting or challenging.

Second, is to augment my photography coaching practice. One of the most satisfying elements in my photography business is the opportunity and privilege to coach other interiors photographers from all over the world. As such, I’m also going to try and take at least one image from each photoshoot and “deconstruct” it — i.e., to offer insights as to why I made certain decisions in capturing that image. This might include things like: considerations in composing the shot; showing where I placed my flashes and why; staging choices; key points from my collaboration with the building professional on-site with me; etc.

I hope you’ll come back and visit my blog regularly. Thanks for taking the time to read this post!

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